“I started playing at the club with some excellent golfers.  My game definitely needed help to allow me to feel comfortable playing with them.  A number of members separately referred me to Garrett and I am so glad they did.  He immediately honed in on issues with my swing and offered simple fixes and drills for the measurable improvement and increased confidence in my game. 

My handicap has dropped from a 22 to a 14.5 in 2 years since our 1st lesson and I continue to improve!  And it is great that we can work on the game even in inclement weather in the off season.”

Glen Hartigan

“My experience with Garrett and the learning center has been tremendous.  I am a low single-digit handicap and like all of us are getting older.  Working with Garrett has helped me improve to offset the affects of aging.  At 60, I am still able to play at a high level and and still able to play from the gold tees.”

Jeff Roach 

I’ve always loved working with Garrett, he pushes me to play better golf thru hard work and commitment. There was never any easy fix or quick gimmicks, each lesson is structured to include real analysis of my swing followed by minor adjustments and drills to gradually improve overtime. I love that Garrett works with my natural swing, we we’re never trying to reinvent the wheel.

Chris Phelan

After struggling with inconsistency I went to Garrett for help. Instead of making radical changes in my swing he worked with me and identified small changes I could make to improve my game. While I will never play tournament golf nor do I want to, my game is more consistent. I have recommended Garrett to several friends and business associates, all of who have said that he has made them a better golfer.

Jerry Richardson

“I have been taking golf lessons with Garrett at the Flying Horse learning center for several years. Garrett has helped me elevate my game to play in multiple years of varsity golf and in two state tournaments. The improvement in my game is not the only reason I keep coming back, but It is also because Garrett is the most helpful, fun, and dedicated golf coach I have ever had. He is a mentor as well as a coach and I would suggest that anyone who has any want to improve their golf game go to Garrett no matter their skill level.”

Scott LeVeque

“When I went to Garrett I had an idea as to what had changed with my golf swing but I needed some confirmation, and more importantly how to fix it. In my opinion, a trainer can spend a lot of your time and of course money but the ability to help you help yourself is the best kind. Garrett was able to just that. if you need help from a remodel or just a tweak, start here with Garrett. He knows what he is talking about.”

Dave Schlueter

“If you are looking to change your game or just looking to get into golf Garrett is a top class golf instructor, with lots of experience. I have had many other golf coaches but by far no one beats the knowledgeable and patients that Garrett shows to all of his clients. I highly recommend Garrett to anyone.”

Chris Goetzmann

” I’ve had the pleasure of taking several lessons from Garrett.  He has an excellent eye which allows him to identify flaws in the swing, but more importantly, he possesses the ability to explain a process for addressing and correcting the flaws. In only a few lessons, he will give you plenty of things to work on that can help you really improve your game.”

Jim Watkins